Best Steam Cleaner/Mop Under $100 (Affordable Options)

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Short on time? These are the top picks for the best steam cleaner under $100:

PurSteam Steam Mop

Hoover Complete Pet

Bissell SteamShot

  • Converts from a steam mop to handheld
  • Complete package for under $60

  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Water tanks are tiny

  • Amazing handheld design
  • Plenty of useful accessories

Best Steam Cleaner/Mop Under $100

Steam cleaners under $200 are already considered cheap. But if you're on a supremely tight budget, here are the best steam cleaners under $100. I will share with you the top 3 options.

1. Best overall: PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1

PurSteam Steam Mop

  • Converts from a steam mop to handheld
  • Complete package for under $60

The best steam cleaner/mop combo under $100 is definitely the PurSteam steam mop. It’s a steam mop that transforms into a handheld. Equipped with many tools, it allows you to clean windows, sanitize carpets, scrub dirt out of grout lines, and steam mop floors effectively.

Converts from a steam mop to a handheld

I bought this steamer for the handheld function. It’s rare to find a steam mop that transforms into a handheld unit, but the PurSteam is one of them. Right out of the box, it is easy to assemble and easy to use.

As a handheld steamer, the PurSteam has 7 accessories you can use to clean a variety of things. The steamer jet directs an accurate blast of steam into small and hard-to-reach places.

The window squeegee allows you to steam and wipe windows. To clean grout lines, the small brush, big brush, and double brush works to scrub dirt and grime, while the scrape tool scrapes off stubborn grime. In fact, the PurSteam steam mop is one of the rare steam mops that comes with a scrubber.

Lastly, the angled nozzle tool is slightly curved, allowing you to direct steam in an area that is slightly out of sight. Overall, the PurSteam is an amazing handheld steamer that also transforms into a steam mop.

The PurSteam works as an upright steam mop.

It also works as a handheld unit.

In addition to the versatile handheld unit, the PurSteam mop can clean rugs and carpets as well. This machine is one of the rare few steamers that comes with a “carpet glider”. The attachment allows you to deodorize your carpet using the steam mop as it glides through the fibers with ease.

Overall, I think the PurSteam steamer offers the best value for its price. You won’t find a steam cleaner under $100 that offers so much versatility and experience. It’s definitely worth the price.

The whole package for just $60

The PurSteam is an affordable steamer that is easy to use and works great. It only takes a few short seconds to fully heat up and you can control the heat easily. It's extremely lightweight and easy to carry and store.

For something that retails for around $60, you get a steamer that is able to clean windows, steam out wrinkles in clothing, sanitize carpets with ease, and scrub dirt out of grout lines. It even has a scraper for what must be very stubborn stains. Considering the cheap price, this product is a steal.

2. For house with pets: Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop

Hoover Complete Pet

  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Water tanks are tiny

A steam cleaner, like any other cleaning tool, varies in terms of quality. Fortunately, this Hoover steamer has excellent build quality and is incredibly versatile despite its sub $100 price point. After all, who wants to spend money on something that will fall apart after a couple of uses? 

Perfect for pet owners

As the name suggests, the Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop is designed for houses with pets. It is able to clean and deodorize pet messes from a variety of surfaces, including floors and carpets.

Granted, you won’t be able to pick up pet hair with this steam mop (you’ll need a steam mop/vacuum combo for that). But combine this steam cleaner with a vacuum and you’ll be able to sanitize a lot of things.

Incredibly versatile

With all the tools included, I was able to clean the inside of my oven, the grout lines on my bathroom, and all of the glasses and windows of my house. It feels like living in a brand new house!

I’ve been neglecting my floor and  had some really bad grime on them that I couldn’t get off even with my old steamer. I attacked the grime with this Hoover and to my amazement it started clearing.

Using the scrubber along with the power of steam, I was able to remove stubborn grime from my oven, stove, and kitchen countertops. It is also strong enough to make my grout lines squeaky clean.

Additionally, it does an amazing job on windows not cleaned in years. I used the large squeegee tool to clean any extra water, along with Windex and paper towels to finish them. There are virtually no streaks.

A few drawbacks

To produce the steam, you’ll need to press the trigger on the handle. This gives you full control over the steam output. However, pressing the trigger can be tiring and can actually hurt your hand after a while.

Additionally, I think the two water tanks are tiny. You’ll have to continually refill them at some point while you’re cleaning. Also, the product doesn’t come with any funnel/cup for you to add water.

Lastly, the handheld unit is effective, however, it isn’t the most convenient to use. It errs on the heavier side and is quite awkward to handle. If you want a handheld option, you’re better off buying a handheld steamer.

That being said, the positives of this Hoover steam cleaner far outweighs the negatives. In fact, the Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop is one of the best steam cleaners under $100, second only to the PurSteam.

3. Best handheld option: Bissell SteamShot

Bissell SteamShot

  • Amazing handheld design
  • Plenty of useful accessories

If you’re looking for an affordable handheld option, consider the Bissell SteamShot. Priced at just over $30, the Bissell SteamShot has everything you need to sanitize surfaces without the bulk.

Powerful steam at the palm of your hand

The Bissell SteamShot is small. It weighs no more than 3 pounds and is no bigger than a kettle. This is why I love the handheld size. It literally gives you the power of steam in the palm of your hand. 

Despite its small size, the Bissell SteamShot typically reaches temperatures of around 230° F. It takes 30 seconds to two minutes for the Bissell SteamShot to heat up the water inside its tank.

The Bissell SteamShot is perfect for quick cleanups.

It has a compact size.

For a quick spot clean, like cleaning kitchen countertops and sanitizing children’s toys, this handheld device is perfect. It’s incredibly lightweight and small, and water only takes 30 seconds to steam, so you can pull it out of the closet, set it up, and clean a stain in just 5 minutes.

However, it may leave your arms feeling sore during longer tasks like steam cleaning the entire bathroom floor. After all, the compact nature of this product is intended for quick cleanups and small messes.

Plenty of accessories for different purposes

For a handheld steamer, the Bissell SteamShot has plenty of accessories in its arsenal. It may not have the most extensive range of accessories, but each one is carefully curated by the manufacturer.

If you decide to buy this product, be sure to read the Bissell SteamShot manual first. You will learn how to set up each accessory and use it the right way. Reading the manual first will save you time in the long run.

Bissell is a trustworthy brand

Bissell is a brand known for producing some of the best cleaning products in the market. The SteamShot, in particular, has become one of the most popular handheld steamers due to its high quality.

Naturally, cheap knockoffs and fakes will pop up once a product becomes popular. The strange thing is, the “fake SteamShot products” are more expensive than the original Bissell SteamShot.

What I’m trying to say is, buy the Bissell SteamShot instead of the fakes. Once you go to Amazon, you’ll find similar items that look like the Bissell SteamShot but they are not better.

In fact, products from obscure brands cost nearly $50. While they’re not pricey, they’re still more expensive than the original Bissell SteamShot. So you decide: buy the original for less, or buy the fake for more money?

To sum it up, the Bissell SteamShot is the best steam cleaner under $100 in terms of pure value. Not only is this product the cheapest on the list, but it's also made with high-quality, thanks to its brand, Bissell.

Final verdict

And there you have it, the most affordable best steam cleaners under $100. In this day and age, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a high-quality steam cleaner or mop. There are plenty of cheap options. 

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