How to Use Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner (All Accessories)

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The Dupray NEAT is a lightweight, efficient, and multipurpose steam cleaner that you can use on almost any surface for cleaning and sanitation. While it is safe to use on any surface, it’s best to test on a small hidden section before proceeding. Before you learn how to use the Dupray NEAT, let’s see what comes in the box.

What comes in the box

In addition to the Dupray NEAT steam cleaning machine, the box contains 10 different types of accessories. Here is the complete list of what is included with the purchase of the Dupray NEAT:

  1. Dupray NEAT steam cleaner
  2. Extension tubes (2)
  3. Steam lance
  4. Microfiber pads (3)
  5. Floor tool
  6. Triangular tool
  7. Window tool
  8. Nylon brushes (5)
  9. Brass brush
  10. Microfiber cloth
  11. Microfiber bonnet

Getting started with the Dupray NEAT

To get started with the Dupray NEAT, you need to fill the boiler with water, plug the machine into an electrical outlet, then wait for the machine to build up pressure and heat up the water.

Here’s how to fill or refill the Dupray NEAT’s boiler:

  1. Open the boiler cap (turn counterclockwise).
  2. Fill up to 54 ounces of regular tap water.
  3. Replace the boiler cap and secure it tightly (turn clockwise).

You can also use distilled or demineralized water to prevent any mineral build-up. Never use any chemicals, soap, or oils in the boiler. Adding anything else other than water to a steamer can cause damage.

Once the boiler has been filled with water, unravel the electrical cord completely and plug it into an electrical outlet. Ensure the outlet has no other high wattage electrical appliances plugged into it.

Once the unit is plugged in, press the POWER button. The indicator light will turn orange. This indicates that the steam is being produced inside the boiler. It takes about 8 minutes for the boiler to reach the maximum amount of steam, at which point the indicator light will turn green.

Here are a few important reminders:

  • During use, the indicator light will switch between green and orange. This is normal as the boiler is producing steam and building up pressure.
  • During use, if you notice no steam coming out, it might be time to refill the boiler with water. To refill the tank, turn the machine off and allow it to cool for 20 minutes.

Remember, the machine is pressurized, so you need to release all the remaining pressure before removing the boiler cap by holding the trigger until there is no more steam or pressure that can come out. If you don’t do this, you can get burned from the escaping steam when removing the boiler cap.

Connecting the Dupray NEAT accessories

Once the machine is ready for steam cleaning, connect the Dupray NEAT hose to the accessory that you would like to use. To connect the accessories, insert the male part into the female part. When properly attached, the accessory release button should have clicked into the other piece’s insert.

To release steam, press the steam release trigger on the hose handle. A bit of condensation is normal as the accessories have to heat up before the steam gets drier. You may also have condensation in the hose. The unit comes with a steam lock button, which you can press with the steam trigger, to lock the steam in place.

To detach an accessory, press the accessory release button, hold it down and pull the two accessories apart.

Using the Dupray NEAT accessories

Now let’s take a look at each Dupray NEAT accessory and how to use them.

1. Extension tubes

You can simply connect the extension tubes into your tool of choice to extend its reach. The extension tubes work well to clean floors, grout lines, or even high walls.

2. Floor tool

The floor tool is the best accessory to clean all types of flooring including linoleum, hardwood floors, ceramic, rugs, and more. What’s great about the floor tool is you can use it with any kind of thick cloth.

Here’s the best way to install the cloth to the floor tool:

  1. Fold the microfiber cloth in half to form a rectangle.
  2. Place the floor tool on top of the cloth.
  3. Fold the two ends of the cloth over the sides of the floor tool.
  4. Clip both ends of the cloth.

You can also use the microfiber pads that came with the Dupray NEAT. The microfiber pads make it easy for the floor tool to slide over hardwood floors, ceramic, linoleum or any type of flooring.

Here’s the best way to install the microfiber pad:

  1. Lay the microfiber pad on a flat surface (faster strips facing upward).
  2. Place the floor tool over the microfiber pad.
  3. Align the floor tool with the microfiber pad.
  4. Press the tool firmly down onto the pad.
  5. The velcro will attach instantly.

The Dupray NEAT comes with 3 microfiber pads. Be sure to change the pad if it is dirty during use. The microfiber pads are machine washable. To avoid picking up lint, wash the pads separately from other fabrics. For the best practices, please read how to clean steam mop pads guide.

3. AddFresh fragrance discs

The AddFresh fragrance discs are made of natural essential oils. They are meant to freshen the air while steam cleaning. Simply break it in half, and put it in between the cloth and the floor tool.

4. Triangular tool

The triangular tool is mostly to clean and sanitize car interiors, furniture, mattresses, countertops and more. It is the best tool to disinfect and sanitize any surface, especially when you install a bonnet over it because the bonnet allows the steam to get hotter, retain humidity, and pick up dirt as you go.

To install the bonnet, place the bonnet under the triangular tool. Pull the elastic bands over the triangular tool so the bonnet “swallows” the triangular tool. Make sure the bonnet covers the triangular tool completely.

5. Steam lance 

The steam lance is used for precision. It is perfect for stain removal, spot cleaning, car detailing, grout cleaning, and more. Basically, the steam lance works well to clean surfaces that are difficult to reach. You can use the steam lance with or without the brushes. Or, you can use the cloth to wipe off moisture and dirt.

Using the steam lance with a brush

You can install the small brush to the tip of the lance to get a good scrubbing action on any surface. Here’s how to install the brush:

  1. Line up the steam lance with the brush hole.
  2. Press it together until they click.

The Dupray NEAT carries different brushes.

The nylon brushes (black) are ideal for delicate surfaces like ovens, stove tops, tiles, grout, refrigerators, showers, bathtubs, waste cans, and toys. While the nylon bristles will bend out of place, you can continue to use the brush until it wears out completely. You get 5 with the purchase of Dupray NEAT.

The brass brush (gold) is meant for aggressive scrubbing and is ideal for scratch-proof surfaces like stone, BBQ grills, and oven wire racks. Always test the surface first on a small hidden section before scrubbing.

For the brushes to work properly, you need to apply the steam and brush directly on the surface. The brushes become hot during use, so be careful when removing or changing them. Allow the brush to cool first.

6. Window tool

The window tool features a scrubbing foam side and a squeegee side. It is designed to clean glass, mirrors, or windows, as long as the surface is flat. You can also spray the window with steam without using the window tool, and then wipe it clean with the microfiber cloth.

How to clean and maintain Dupray NEAT steam cleaner

To maintain your Dupray NEAT in good condition and to ensure constant performance, it is recommended that you periodically clean the boiler after every 40 hours of use or less depending on water hardness.

Before cleaning the boiler, make sure that the boiler is at room temperature, that it has not been used for at least 8 hours, and that the steam cleaner is disconnected from the power source.

The maintenance for the Dupray NEAT steam cleaner is very simple. Here’s how to clean it:

If you are not using distilled water, then every 20 hours of usage, drain the boiler and fill it with a solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar. Leave the boiler cap off and let the machine sit for 40 minutes maximum. Drain the boiler and rinse with water until all vinegar smell has disappeared.

Dupray advises to never use anything else than a 50/50 water to vinegar ratio in the boiler. Other household descaling products or cleaning chemicals can cause important damages to the boiler, resulting in potential damages and injuries. DO NOT leave the water/vinegar solution inside the boiler for longer than 40 minutes.


And there you have it, the complete guide on how to use the Dupray NEAT steam cleaner. By taking the time to learn it, you will prolong the life of the steamer as well as keeping your house clean.

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