What Can a Cleaner Do in 3 Hours (Explained)

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Everyone has some lazy days, especially during the weekend. On many occasions, most people prefer sitting on the couch and watching TV these days, despite having a lot of cleaning to do.

People fail to consider that hiring a cleaner for a three-hour cleaning session is enough to improve your home’s appearance. These cleaners can do a lot in three hours and leave your home spotless and organized. Keep reading to learn more about what a cleaner can do in three hours.

How Many Tasks Can a Cleaner Complete in Three Hours?

If you have just hired a house cleaner to clean your mess, 3 hours is a common time frame. Contrary to popular belief, a professional house cleaner can complete many tasks in just three hours. These tasks include:

  • Cleaning the toilet
  • Cleaning the house, primarily the floors, where they will not move furniture.
  • Dusting furniture and mirrors
  • Dusting various electronics, TVs, and sound systems
  • Changing the bed sheets in all bedrooms
  • Wiping the table and the kitchen counters

Depending on your house, you may have different needs than others. Here are other tasks you can substitute from the above list that your cleaner can complete within a three-hour cleaning session.

  • Cleaning some dishes on your kitchen sink.
  • Dusting your lampshades.
  • Wiping your window sills.
  • Cleaning the top part of your cooker.
  • Emptying your dustbin.

One pro tip you should remember is that not all cleaners are happy to do some tasks. It is very important to communicate your expectations and discuss the tasks beforehand to ensure the cleaner is comfortable.

Tasks You Should Avoid Asking Your Cleaner to Do

There are multiple tasks you should not ask your cleaner to do. Most of these tasks are laborious and may not be completed within three hours, while others are sensitive. Some of these tasks include

  • Going shopping
  • Asking the cleaner to babysit your children
  • Asking the cleaner to work on your kitchen garden
  • Asking the cleaner to take your dog for a walk

The tasks above are not part of a house cleaner’s job description. Their main task is to clean the house, not run errands for you. You should note that your cleaner may not work for you again if you overwork them.

Things You Should Do When Hiring a Cleaner

Before you employ a professional house cleaner, there are several things you will need to do. Doing these 5 simple tasks will make a world of a difference in the final result of your house’s cleanliness:

  • Having a conversation with them. Talk to your cleaner before hiring them to highlight your expectations. Tell them the cleaning tasks you want them to handle.  
  • Respecting their boundaries. You should respect the cleaner’s wishes if they cannot handle some tasks. This is why having a conversation with them is super important.
  • Giving them a checklist. A checklist illustrates the work the cleaner should do. It guides them when cleaning and may aid in speeding up the cleaning process.
  • Giving them realistic tasks. Your cleaner is human, so you must give them practical tasks, especially if you want them to be completed within a few hours.
  • Being kind to them. Always be kind to your cleaner and politely explain how you like things done. It ensures that you forge a good relationship with them.

Factors That Influence How Much Cleaning a Cleaner Can Do in Three Hours

Three hours is sufficient time for a cleaner to complete various cleaning tasks. But to accurately answer the question “what can a cleaner do in three hours?”, we also need to consider factors that might have an impact on how much can be done within that time frame. Let’s discuss these factors.

1. An Unkempt Home

The cleaner will have difficulties cleaning your house if everything is disorganized. For example, if you have scattered your bags and shoes on the floor, they must rearrange these items before cleaning.

Sure, you can tell them to declutter the space and organize items around the house, but it makes their work more challenging and time-consuming. To save time, keep your house organized.

2. Not Having Clear Instructions

It goes without saying that you need to provide the house cleaner with clear instructions. No one can read your mind. The cleaner may not complete your tasks on time if you have not given them clear instructions.

For example, if you have not provided them with a checklist, they may clean the whole house. It implies that the cleaner will take more time handling all these tasks, including those you did not want done.

3. Distractions

House cleaners are humans, meaning they can be distracted. For instance, they may be distracted if you are watching an exciting show. You may be tempted to start a conversation with the cleaners, which will distract them, slowing them down. It’s best to just let them do their work. 

4. Your Home’s Size

Your home’s size matters since a cleaner will take less time to clean a small house than a bigger house. If you have a huge house with many rooms, you should limit the number of rooms to be cleaned to ensure the cleaner completes the tasks within three hours.

5. The Cleaner You Have Hired

A private cleaner may not perform cleaning tasks similarly to an agency cleaner. Most agencies train their cleaners, implying that they may follow some rules when cleaning, which is not the case with private cleaners.

Another issue that will affect how much cleaning is done is the cleaners’ experience. New cleaners will be slower than experienced cleaners. To avoid this, look for referrals from your friends.

Tips to Ensure the Cleaning Is Done Within 3 Hours

Sure, a house cleaner can do a lot of things in 3 hours, but you can surely help their cause. Here are several things you can do to ensure your cleaner completes the tasks within 3 hours.

1. Plan Before Commencing the Cleaning Sessions

First, identify the areas to be cleaned. You should formulate a list of all the cleaning tasks the cleaner should complete. Second, identify the tasks the cleaner can complete within three hours. You should eliminate the most strenuous tasks since they will be time-consuming.

The last step is to prepare a final checklist of all the tasks you will give your cleaner. In addition to planning, ensure you have the necessary cleaning tools before the cleaner arrives.

2. Talk To Your Cleaner About the Tasks

Find out if your cleaner has any reservations about specific tasks. If they raise any issues, you should substitute some tasks to accommodate them. This is why communication is very important.

You will understand the cleaner better if they give you valuable feedback since it prepares you for the next cleaning session. If you want the cleaner to work for you again, make sure they are happy.

3. Organize Your House Before the Cleaner Arrives

Tidying your house does not mean cleaning it. It implies that you should arrange various items in their respective places. For instance, place all your shoes neatly on the shoe rack to clear the floors.

This reduces the cleaner’s workload, which ensures they complete the cleaning tasks in three hours. You want the house cleaner to focus on the more important tasks instead of organizing your space.


What can a cleaner do in three hours? A cleaner can complete various cleaning tasks in three hours. These tasks include dusting the furniture, cleaning the toilets, wiping the floors, and changing the bed sheets.

As a homeowner, you must also make the environment conducive to ensure the cleaners are comfortable. For example, you should organize the room before the cleaner arrives. The cleaners’ ability to complete the cleaning tasks in 3 hours depends on the assigned tasks.

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