Neato Botvac Side Brush Not Spinning? (Solved)

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Every Neato robot is equipped with a small side brush. It is designed to enhance the cleaning coverage by getting into corners and edges. However, sometimes the Neato side brush can stop spinning. Here’s why:

The Neato side brush is not spinning because the rubber ring within the side brush module has become loose or worn out. You will need to replace it with a more durable O-ring to keep the side brush spinning. Also, some Neato side brushes will stop automatically on carpet.

When the Neato side brush does not rotate properly, it can potentially drag a small amount of dust and dirt along the edges. It’s time to fix this problem ASAP and restore your Neato Botvac.

Why Neato side brush not spinning

Neato side brush won’t spin if it’s running on carpet. However, it could be that the rubber ring within the side brush module has become loose or worn down. Learn what you need to do to fix your Neato side brush.

1. Neato is running on carpet

Some of the more advanced and modern Neato Botvacs, like the D10 for example, have a side brush that was designed to run only when necessary. This would be when the robot is following the walls or cleaning hard surfaces. The side brush will naturally stop when cleaning the carpet, for instance.

Check if the Neato side brush runs on hard surfaces. Sometimes, the side brush may not rotate and you have to flip the robot over, pull the whole thing apart, put it back together, and then it will work.

I did talk to the Neato customer service and they gave me a new robot but the side brush behavior is unfortunately the same. It is a software error or a design error. I think with a little development capacity, knowledge and skills, and of course, money, this issue can be solved for all D10 customers.

The only solution I can give to you right now is to let the Neato run. As it cleans, check the side brush every 20 seconds, especially after it goes through the carpet. If the side brush stops, flip the robot over, pull the whole thing apart, put it back together, and let the Neato robot run again.

2. The rubber ring of the side brush module is loose

Another common reason why the Neato side brush fails to spin is due to the loose rubber ring, located within the side brush module. To solve this issue, you’re going to get a little bit technical so pay attention.

It has been a well-known problem among Neato owners that the rubber ring powering the side brush module breaks down easily. You need to replace the rubber ring with a much more durable O-ring.

For this project, you are going to need:

Drive Belt O-Ring for Neato

T-Handle Hex Key Set

Here is the step-by-step on how to replace Neato side brush belt:

  1. Remove the two screws securing the battery compartment (Phillips screwdriver).
  2. Open the battery cover and remove the battery.
  3. Remove the screws securing the Neato cover with a hex screwdriver.
  4. Pop off the bumper gently.
  5. Open the Neato cover.
  6. Remove the wiring harness covering the side brush module.
  7. Remove the screws securing the side brush module.
  8. Lift the side brush module and locate the rubber ring.
  9. Remove the old rubber ring
  10. Replace the new durable O-ring.
  11. Assemble the entire Neato Botvac.

Obviously, it would be easier to do this procedure by following along an instructional video. I have to give a special thanks to the Ohayo Dev for such a helpful video. I couldn't have done it without him!

After replacing the rubber ring with a much more durable O-ring, I’ve had no problems with the Neato side brush not spinning. All the Neato needs is a stronger rubber ring for its side brush module. So far so good. 


Now you know why the Neato side brush is not spinning. Neato has a unique side brush that is smaller than the average robot vacuum. It won’t spin on carpet. However, it is very common for the rubber ring within the side brush module to become loose, causing the side brush to not rotate properly.

Don’t hesitate to talk to Neato customer service. At best, they would replace your Neato Botvac with a new one. Although I’m not so sure that is the best solution to the side brush problem.

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