LG Pedestal Washer Error Codes (Troubleshooting)

If you own an LG Pedestal Washer, you may have encountered a problem. The machine will then produce an error code. An error code on the display of the LG Pedestal Washer can usually be resolved by performing troubleshooting steps. Here is the complete list of the LG Pedestal Washer error codes.

dE1 Error Code

The dE1 error code indicates that the LG Pedestal Washer’s drawer is not closed properly. To fix this issue, open and reclose the LG Pedestal Washer’s drawer to attempt to clear the code.

IE Error Code

The IE error code indicates a problem with the water supply. Some causes of the IE error codes are:

  • Water faucets not being fully opened - Verify that the faucets are fully open at the source.
  • Water hoses are kinked, pinched, or crushed - Verify that the hoses are not kinked.
  • Low water pressure - Make sure there is appropriate water pressure and that the faucets are fully opened. The recommended water supply pressure must be between 14.5 psi and 80 psi (100-552 kPa). If the water pressure is more than 116 psi, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.
  • Check that the water inlet filters are not clogged with sediments - Turn the water supply off. Remove the inlet hoses from the back of the washer. Ensure to have a bucket available to drain the remaining water in the hoses. Using needle nose pliers, remove the filters. Clean and rinse the filters if necessary. Place the filters back into the unit, pushing them in. Reconnect the hoses and turn the water supply back on.

OE Error Code

The OE error code indicates a draining issue. It could be because the drain hose is clogged, kinked, or pinched. To fix this issue, verify that there are no clogs on the drain hose. Make sure the height of the drain is no more than 53 inches above the floor. The LG Pedestal Washer cannot push the water any higher.

To drain the LG Pedestal Washer, select the RINSE+SPIN option on the control panel. Press the EXTRA RINSE button 5 times until the SPIN ONLY indicator light on the display lights up.

When the RINSE+SPIN method doesn’t work, get a shallow pan. Remove the drain tube from the inner left side of the door. Drain the unit. Put the drain tube back on the plug, pushing it all the way in to prevent leaks.

UE or Ub Error Code

The UE or Ub error code indicates an unbalanced load. This can happen when:

  • The rebalancing operation was not successful.
  • The load is too small.
  • Heavy articles mixed with light items.

The LG Pedestal Washer will check each load for balance prior to going into the spin cycle. If an unbalanced load is detected, the LG Pedestal Washer will attempt to adjust the load by adding more water and repeating the rinse cycle. This may increase the wash time.

  • Open the drawer and redistribute the articles.
  • If the load is too small, additional time will be needed to help solve the unbalanced load.

tCL Error Code

The tcL code indicates that it is high time to run a TUB CLEAN cycle to help prevent buildup and odors in the LG Pedestal Washer. To perform a tub clean cycle, dilute ¼ of bleach in 1 quart of water. Pour the diluted bleach into the empty tub. Close the lid. Select the TUB CLEAN cycle. Close the drawer.

Washing machine tub cleaners can also be used. But because the unit is so small, the amount used should be less than for traditional washers. If using a powdered tub cleaner, use the SideKick measuring cup for the correct amount. If using a tablet, try not to use the entire piece.

dE2 Error Code

The dE2 error code indicates that the drawer is closed, but not locked. If shortly after starting the cycle you hear a noise, followed by the dE2 error code, this means that the door is closed but did not lock properly. To solve this issue, turn the washer off. Pull the drawer open, restart the cycle, then close the drawer firmly.

E7 Error Code

The E7 error code indicates that the stacking switch is not working properly or that the SideKick is not properly installed under an LG Front Load Washer or Dryer. Check that SideKick is properly lined up to the front load washer. Verify that the Stacking Switch is sitting correctly.

dE3 Error Code

The dE3 error code indicates that the LG Pedestal Washer did not properly close. Open the drawer. Verify that the film on the lid was removed. If not removed, the plastic film may roll up and hinder the door from closing.

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