iRobot Roomba 675 vs. e5 Comparison

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If you’re in the market looking for an affordable, mid-tier robot vacuum, then you may come across two solid options from iRobot: the Roomba 675 and the Roomba e5. Not only are both consistent best-sellers on Amazon, but both are often compared to each other as well. So which one is the better Roomba?

Roomba 675 vs. e5 comparison: Two of the biggest differences between the Roomba 675 and Roomba e5 are the brushes and filters. While both are near-identical in shape, the Roomba e5 is equipped with tangle-resistant rubber brushes and a high-efficiency filter, both of which the Roomba 675 does not have.

However, are those differences worth the more expensive price of the Roomba e5? After all, every dollar matters when it comes to finding the best deals on robot vacuums. In this post, we break down every feature and compare both the Roomba 675 vs. e5 to find out if the slightly higher price of the e5 is worth it or not.

Quick Overview

Roomba 675

An excellent budget option that gets the job done.

  • Movement: Random Pattern
  • Battery Life: 90 Minutes
  • Tangle-Free Rubber Brushes: No
  • Suction Power: Standard
Roomba e5

The mid-tier option between cheap and expensive.

  • Movement: Random Pattern
  • Battery Life: 90 Minutes
  • Tangle-Free Rubber Brushes: Yes
  • Suction Power: 5x of Roomba 675

Before diving into the Roomba 675 vs. e5 comparison, let’s take a look at the similarities first. Both Roomba models utilize Wi-Fi connection which allows you to control them via the smartphone app. You can also connect either one of them with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and enable voice control.

Designed to clean both carpets and hard floors, both can automatically adapt their heights to effectively navigate different surfaces. When cleaning, you can expect both Roombas to automatically return to the charging dock when the batteries get low, instead of just dying in the middle of a room.

Roomba 675 vs. e5 Comparison:

Now that you’re familiar with both Roombas, let’s compare the two. We will judge each Roomba based on three criterias: Navigation, cleaning performance, and bonus features. Those criterias should be more than enough to deliver the final verdict. With that said, here’s the Roomba 675 vs. e5 comparison:

1. Navigation System

Roomba 675 Navigation:

The Roomba 675 uses the original iAdapt technology. It relies on bump sensors (which detect obstacles) and cliff sensors (which detect stairs and edges) to navigate your home. The Roomba 675 doesn’t create a map, so it cannot move in neat and efficient rows. Instead, it moves somewhat randomly.

Whenever the Roomba 675 detects an object, it slowly bumps the object and will change direction. It will then continue moving until it hits another obstacle. While it’s not the best method of navigation, it will eventually finish cleaning the entire area. If you have a small floor plan, the Roomba 675 will do just fine.

Roomba e5 Navigation:

The Roomba e5, on the other hand, uses the newer iAdapt 2.0 technology. Basically, this is the same navigation technology found in the most advanced mapping Roomba models, but without the camera. With better algorithms, you can expect the Roomba e5 to navigate more efficiently than the Roomba 675.

However, while the Roomba e5 uses newer navigation technology, it also cannot create a map. Just like the Roomba 675, it will move around while avoiding obstacles the best it can until the battery runs low and recharges at the charging dock. Still, the Roomba e5 will work just fine on smaller floor plans.

VERDICT: The Roomba e5 has better navigation than the Roomba 675. Thanks to a newer navigation system, the Roomba e5 moves slightly more efficiently than the Roomba 675. However, you may not notice the difference. Just know that the Roomba e5 moves and avoids objects better than the Roomba 675.

2. Cleaning Performance

The Roomba e5 features the new tangle-resistant rubber brushes which minimize hair and carpet entanglement.

Roomba 675 Cleaning Performance:

Let’s start with the obvious: the brushroll. The Roomba 675 still uses the older “blade and bristle” combo found in older Roomba models. While it can clean carpets and hard floors fairly well, the Roomba 675’s brushroll may easily get tangled with human and pet hair. You may need to clean the brushroll often. 

When it comes to collecting dust, the Roomba 675 has a dustbin capacity of 0.5L, which can hold a fairly decent amount of dirt. The dustbin isn’t washable, but you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Just be sure to let the dustbin completely dry before reinserting it back into the Roomba unit.

Roomba e5 Cleaning Performance:

By contrast, the Roomba e5 uses the new-and-improved tangle-resistant rubber brushes, which are pretty awesome. The two rubber brushrolls spin in opposite directions which help separate larger debris and make everything easier to collect. And the best part is, they don’t get tangled with human and pet hair easily.

As far as dustbin size goes, the Roomba e5 has a capacity of 0.7L, slightly bigger than the Roomba 675. However, the e5’s dustbin is washable. While it isn’t dishwasher safe, you can easily wash it over the sink. The dustbin doesn’t need to be completely dry when you put it back in either. Now that’s convenient!

VERDICT: Once again, the Roomba e5 tops the Roomba 675, this time in terms of cleaning. With a far superior brushroll and bigger dustbin, the Roomba e5 can pick up more dirt and fight nasty pet hair better than the Roomba 675. And to top it all off, the Roomba e5’s dustbin is washable too!

3. Bonus Features

Roomba 675 Bonus Features:

Every model in the Roomba 600 series is compatible with the virtual barriers. These are battery-operated devices that emit an infrared beam to control where the Roomba can or cannot go. However, the Roomba 675 does not come with these virtual barriers, so you need to buy them separately if you wish to use them.

Along with the virtual barriers compatibility, the Roomba 675 comes with a smartphone app. It also comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration so you can easily control the Roomba via voice command. However, the lack of mapping feature reduces the overall functionality of voice control.

Unfortunately, the Roomba 675 does not have a high-efficiency filter. It only comes with a  standard filter. While it can filter small particles fairly well, it may not be suitable to capture allergens. This should not be a big problem, though, as all robot vacuums don’t have HEPA filters anyways.

Roomba e5 Bonus Features:

The Roomba e5 is also compatible with virtual barriers. And the good news is, you will get a virtual barrier along with the purchase of the Roomba e5. If you need more towers, you can always buy more on Amazon. Since the Roomba e5 cannot create maps, virtual barriers are the best way to control its movement.

Just like the Roomba 675, the Roomba e5 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By using voice control, you can create cleaning schedules, start and stop the Roomba, or pause and resume cleaning sessions. You can also stop the Roomba and send it to the charging station too.

Unlike the Roomba 675, however, the Roomba e5 comes with a high-efficiency filter. While it is not up to HEPA standards, the filter can capture allergens better than the standard. Because of this, the Roomba e5 may be more suitable if you have furry pets running around the house.

VERDICT: In the battle of features, the Roomba e5 comes out on top over the Roomba e5. Both the Roomba 675 and e5 come with excellent mobile apps, where you can easily control either robot vacuum by using voice command. However, the Roomba e5 is definitely an upgrade over the 675 because of the high-efficiency filter.

Final Verdict

The Roomba e5 is definitely worth the higher price.

Thanks to the new-and-improved rubber brushroll, bigger dustbin size, and high-efficiency filter, the Roomba e5 is better than the Roomba 675. Though it costs a little more than the Roomba 675, the value provided by the Roomba e5 is well justified. Overall, the Roomba e5 might offer one of the best values for its price.

And there you go, the complete Roomba 675 vs. e5 comparison. Our team had an amazing time researching and testing both of these affordable, yet highly functional robot vacuums. Both provide the best bang for your buck, but if we have to choose one, we would buy the Roomba e5, no questions asked.