How to Use Shark BotBoundary Strips (Easy Setup Guide)

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The Shark BotBoundary strips are magnetic tape that a Shark robot can detect. You can use the Shark BotBoundary strips to quickly and easily create “no-go zones” to keep your robot out of the certain areas.

Some areas that you would like a Shark robot to avoid may include:

  • Near power cords that may cause tangles
  • Hallways you do not want your Shark robot not travel to
  • Around furniture with low clearance that may trap your Shark robot
  • Near pet food bowls that may cause a mess

If there are any areas you do not want your Shark robot to go to, simply use the BotBoundary Strips to prevent access. Once you have your BotBoundary strips ready, here’s how to use them:

How to use the Shark BotBoundary strips

  1. Cut the BotBoundary strip to the desired length. When cutting a strip, make sure it’s still long enough to cover the entire area you need to block off. Gaps may cause the BotBoundary strips to malfunction. Shark recommends a 18-inch strip minimum, so it covers the entire perimeter of an object or spans the length of the doorway you’d rather your Shark robot not cross.
  2. Simply lay the BotBoundary strip flat on the floor or under an area rug. For best results, make sure your BotBoundary strip is completely flat against the floor. Do not place BotBoundary strips on top of one another (no overlapping).
  3. Use connectors to create angles. With the provided connectors, you can create angles to customize the BotBoundary strips to fit your home.

When setting up your Shark BotBoundary strips, it is useful to either make a closed loop around an object using the included connectors or to place them between fixed objects, like door frames or legs of a couch.

Important things to keep in mind when using BotBoundary strips

  • Do not place BotBoundary strips under carpeting or rugs.
  • Do not place BotBoundary strips within 10 feet of the dock.
  • The BotBoundary strips can be attached to a floor made of iron material, but they must not be embedded in a steel floor as it will reduce the magnetic properties of the strips.
  • Avoid placing strong magnetic objects near the BotBoundary strips because it can disturb the magnetic field distribution.
  • Keep chemicals and solvents (acetone, thinner, etc.) away from the BotBoundary strips as these can change the shape and characteristics of the magnetic properties of the strips.
  • The BotBoundary stripes should not be trampled and rolled.
  • Due to natural demagnetization, the lifespan of BotBoundary strips is about 12-18 months. The strips should be periodically checked during use. If the BotBoundary strips encounter wear or demagnetization, they need to be replaced.

For your Shark robot’s cliff sensors to work well, all runners, rugs, or carpets must be at least 8 inches from any stairs (or it must be continuous and extend over the edge of the stairs). If a runner, rug or carpet edge that is less than 8 inches from the stairs cannot be moved, you must use a BotBoundary strip to block off the stairs.

FAQ on Shark BotBoundary strips

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Shark BotBoundary strips. We will always add new answers to questions if they come up in the future.

1. Do you have to leave Shark BotBoundary strips?

You do not have to use the BotBoundary strips when sending a Shark robot on a cleaning mission. Only use the BotBoundary strips if you want to prevent your Shark robot from going to a certain area.

Once you have installed the BotBoundary strips, it is recommended to leave them on the floor. A Shark robot only comes with one set of strips, so you'll need to buy additional strips if you need more.

2. How do Shark BotBoundary strips work?

Shark BotBoundary strips work by using magnetic fields. The BotBoundary strips are basically a magnetic tape that a Shark robot can detect. Once a Shark robot detects a BotBoundary strip, it will not cross over it. 

3. Where can I buy Shark BotBoundary strips?

You can buy the 13 feet Shark BotBoundary strips on If you need longer strips, you can buy boundary strips that are compatible with Shark robots on Amazon. This boundary strip is 16 feet long.  

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