How to Clean Neato Botvac (Sensors, Brush, and Filter)

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In this article, we will show you how to clean a Neato Botvac. It is very important to clean each component of your Neato, including its sensors, brush, wheels, and filter regularly to keep it operating optimally.

How to Deep Clean a Neato Botvac

1. How to clean Neato Botvac sensors

First, double check the top surface of the robot and make sure there is no debris that would prevent the robot from seeing normally. 

Next, flip the robot over and ensure the wheels spin freely. 

Check the drop sensors at the left and right side, and clear them with a cotton swab if any debris has accumulated.

There is a wall follower on the side of the robot which should be cleaned with a few bursts of compressed air.

Finally, ensure there is nothing blocking the path of the robot that would prevent it from navigating safely, such as a ledge or a chair.

2. How to clean Neato Botvac brush

To clean the brush, flip the robot over and remove the side brush.

Locate the two clips at the back of the brush guard. Place your thumbs underneath the clips and pull the brush guard away from the robot. 

You can easily remove the brush from the brush cavity and use the cleaning tool to remove any hair or built-up debris. It is also very important to check the end caps for any hair, debris, or dust build-up that may have occurred during cleaning.

Ensure everything is clean, then reinsert the brush into the brush cavity by aligning the end caps into place.

You can then reattach the brush guard by snapping the clips at the back.

Finally, make sure there is no debris or hair built up into the side brush. Reinstall the side brush and your Neato Botvac is ready to clean.

If the brush is damaged or completely worn out, you need to replace it so your Neato can pick up dirt effectively. You can buy a Neato replacement brush right here on Amazon.

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3. How to clean Neato Botvac wheels

Start by turning your robot over. Using a Phillip screwdriver, remove the screw from the left wheel. Once the screw has been removed, remove the shaft from the wheel housing.

Remove the wheel from the robot and remove any debris or hair that may have built up on the shaft or within the wheel. Once the wheel and the shaft are clean, reinsert the shaft into the housing and replace the wheel ensuring the flat side is facing the wheel housing. Reinsert the screw back into the wheel.

When the screw has been tightened, ensure the wheel spins freely.

Repeat the exact same steps with the right wheel, and now your Neato Botvac is ready to roll.

4. How to clean Neato Botvac filter

Neato recommends cleaning the filter, clearing the airways and openings, and emptying the dirt bin after each use. Before you clean the Neato Botvac filter, make sure you have a new filter replacement ready. You can choose to wait for 48 hours for the filter to dry, or buy a Neato filter right here on Amazon

However, if you only have one filter, make sure you turn off your cleaning schedule otherwise your Neato Botvac will run without a filter and damage itself.

To remove the filter, pull the top cover outward.

Pinch the two tabs together to remove, opening the panel away from your body and keeping the filter hole upright. Remove the filter over a trash can to avoid spillage. Shake the dirt bin and the filter to remove any excess debris.

You can lightly tap the filter against the trash can to remove any stuck debris. You can also use the cleaning tool to remove any debris that builds up within the pleats.

Once the filter is clean, simply realign the filter with the dirt bin and clip the filter back into place.

Replace the filter once every two months, or more frequently as needed.

Also, do not forget to check inside the Neato Botvac’s intake path for built-up debris and hair.

Now replace the dirt bin back into the Neato by placing the filter side inward, aligning the two plastic tabs on the filter, with the two empty spaces on the robot.

Never clean your filter using soap and water, as it will ruin the filter.

You can also buy the full Neato replacement kit, which includes Includes 1 spiral combo brush, 1 side brush, 2 ultra-performance filters, and 1 cleaning tool.