How to Empty and Clean Coredy Robot Vacuum Correctly

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To ensure it lasts a long time, you will need to keep a Coredy robot vacuum clean. Not only do you need to clean its components, but you also need to empty the dustbin regularly to keep it running smoothly.

In this article, you will learn how to empty and clean a Coredy robot vacuum. By taking care of your Coredy robot vacuum, it will in turn take care of you and keep your house clean for a very long time.

How to Empty Coredy Robot Vacuum

The dustbin is the compartment that collects what your Coredy robot vacuum picks up. Unlike the filter and brushes, the dustbin only needs to be emptied into the trash and reinstalled in the robot vacuum.

Emptying the Coredy robot vacuum’s dustbin is very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Pull the dustbin from the back of the Coredy robot vacuum.
  2. Empty its contents into a trash can.
  3. Replace the dustbin to the back of the Coredy robot vacuum.

And that’s how simple it is to empty your Coredy robot vacuum’s dustbin. We recommend emptying the Coredy robot vacuum’s dustbin after every cleaning session, but you can also do it every other day.

How to Clean Coredy Robot Vacuum 

Before we begin, you would want to make sure that you have a trash can nearby, a soft cleaning cloth (preferably microfiber cloth), and a handheld vacuum cleaner if you have one. 

This cleaning procedure is for Coredy R650, R500+, R550, R700, R750, and R580. If you see damaged components, you will need to replace them. You can buy the Coredy robot replacement kit on Amazon.

Here’s how to clean a Coredy robot vacuum in 8 steps:

1. Wipe the top cover

The first thing you need to do is to wipe the top cover of the Coredy robot vacuum with a cleaning cloth. It’s better to use a soft cleaning cloth, like microfiber, to avoid getting a glossy finish scratched.

2. Empty the dustbin

Remove the dustbin by pulling it out of the Coredy robot vacuum’s body. Hold it over a trash can and open the lid with a firm grip to empty its contents. Using a clean cloth or a handheld vacuum, clean the debris on the dustbin housing. Once finished, don’t install the dustbin just yet because we need to clean the filter.

3. Clean the filter and the dustbin

Remove the filter from the dustbin and use an old toothbrush to brush the dust out of the filter. We recommend doing this while holding the filter over a trash can so the debris falls straight into the trash can.

If the filter is still dirty after using the brush, you can gently rinse the filter under running water. Do this over a sink. After rinsing, please make sure to let the filter completely air dry before reinstalling.

Still using the old toothbrush, brush off any remaining debris from inside the dustbin. Additionally, don’t forget to clean the mesh that separates the filter from the dustbin thoroughly.

Once everything is completely clean and dry, place the filter back into the dustbin and then reinsert the dustbin back into the Coredy robot vacuum carefully. The inside of the robot vacuum is now clean.

4. Clean the side brush

Flipping over the Coredy robot vacuum, remove the side brush by pulling it out. Then, remove any tangled hair or debris that may get caught within the side brush’s strands with your hands.

If the side brushes are old and crooked, please replace them with new ones. Make sure to buy the official Coredy side brushes because they are made of soft bristles that won’t scratch the floor.

5. Clean the main brush

It’s time to clean the main brush roller. To open the main brush cover, press on the two tabs. Remove the brush roller from the Coredy robot vacuum and get rid of any hair and threads wrapped around it.

For difficult tangles, you can use a cutter or a pair of small scissors to snip any tangled hair and threads. However, you should be able to remove any tangles with your hands with relative ease.

On the end sides of the brush roller, you won’t be able to remove the connectors. You’ll need to be creative and improvise to get the tangled hair removed. Use something thin like an untangled paperclip.

Once the main brush is all cleaned up, wipe the brush compartment with a handheld vacuum or a clean cloth, then reinsert the main brush and reinstall the cover. Give it a quick wipe and you’re done.

Heads up: Did you know that not all robot vacuums have brush rollers? If you are tired of having to clean the brush rollers all the time, why not consider a tangle-free robot vacuum? Check out the top 3 right here.

6. Clean the front wheel

What most people don’t realize is how much hair, debris, and threads settle underneath the front wheel. To remove the front wheel, you’ll need a small screwdriver to pry it loose from the Coredy robot vacuum.

Once the front wheel is removed, remove the axle and clear out any hair you find. Do the same on the front wheel and the front wheel compartment. When you’re done, pop the front wheel back into place.

7. Clean the sensors

Don’t forget to clean the sensors. Clean the cliff sensors at the front with a clean cloth. Give it a thorough wipe. If there’s a stubborn film layered on the sensors, use something stronger like alcohol wipes.

8. Make sure the front bumper is not stuck by debris

Last but not least, you need to make sure the front bumper is not stuck by debris. Use a screwdriver to remove the 8 screws securing the front bumper. Once the screws are removed, pull off the bumper gently and remove any debris you find. Replace the front bumper and the 8 screws back into place.

FAQ on Cleaning Coredy Robot Vacuum

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning a Coredy robot vacuum. We will always add new questions and answers to this article so feel free to bookmark this page.

1. How often should I empty my Coredy robot vacuum?

You should empty your Coredy robot vacuum and clean the filter once every other day. If you have furry pets running around the house, it is recommended to empty your Coredy robot vacuum every day.


Now you know how to empty and clean a Coredy robot vacuum. With the correct information, cleaning and maintaining a Coredy robot vacuum is a piece of cake. Hopefully, your robot lasts a long time.

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