Can You Put Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

Typically, when you think of where to put a washer and dryer machine, one of the most notable locations would be a separate room to store laundry, baskets, detergent, and other accessories.

By having a laundry room, your appliances have a space of their own, so you don’t have to worry about other factors if you put them in your kitchen or basement. Unfortunately, some live in tiny houses or apartments and might have limited options in installing their washing machine.

However, there are solutions where you can install them. One of the solutions that you can implement is by installing your washing machine in your bathroom. If you’re interested in installing your washing machine in the bathroom, this guide will review what to consider and if it’s safe. 

Is it safe to install a washing machine in the bathroom?

Can you put a washing machine in the bathroom, and will It be safe to install a washing machine there? You can install a washing machine inside the bathroom, but be sure to watch the humidity levels. Consult with the manufacturer whether the machine will still be covered under warranty if issues happen.

However, if you do install it there, you have to consider several factors when doing so. Aside from ensuring your appliance fits in your bathroom, you must be cautious of electricity and water when handling it. There are outlet protectors you can get to avoid electrical issues. 

Washing machine in the bathroom affect the product warranty?

When it comes to your warranty, where you install your washing machine depends on the manufacturer's policy. Some policies will state that you cannot install their product in areas with high moisture levels. 

That’s why it’s often rare to install a washing machine in the bathroom because the moisture from taking showers, washing hands, or other factors might affect performance and damage the machine.

Even though some might not have this clause in the appliance manual, it is crucial to ensure that your washer is safe to install in your bathroom. If you’re unsure whether you can install your washing machine in the bathroom, we advise you to contact your sales representative where you purchased your appliance. 

How to deal with bathroom humidity with your washing machine?

As previously mentioned, sometimes manufacturers will state in their product policy not to install their products in places with high moisture levels. However, even if your operation manual doesn’t indicate this, you have to be cautious about how you install and use your washing machine. 

One of the reasons you must protect your washing machine from humidity is that it would start to corrode if affected. If you do happen to install it in your bathroom, it has to be well-ventilated to avoid moisture build-up and potential damage to your appliance.

Though, there are solutions to eliminate humidity within your bathroom. One of the solutions is to have a fan on or open up a window. This allows air to circulate inside the bathroom and reduce moisture.

If you don’t have a window or ceiling fan in your bathroom, you can also implement a dehumidifier as well. A dehumidifier is a device which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air.

How can you protect your washing machine from water?

Sometimes, aside from humidity, if you install your washing machine in the bathroom, water might affect it internally and externally. Even though washers are able to withstand water as it is made from durable materials, it still needs to be maintained to avoid damage or other technical issues. 

Whether or not you have your washer installed in your bathroom, frequent maintenance is one of the most crucial factors to consider. One way you can do this is by frequently drying outside your washer.

Another way is by cleaning the floor around the washing machine and creating a diluted bleach solution to protect the inside from mold, grime, and other potentially damaging elements. It's crucial to do this every month, but aside from this, you can also purchase special protective covers for your washer as well. 

Can you use your bathroom water supply for your washing machine?

You can connect your bathroom water supply to your washer only if your sink faucet has a threaded spout, which makes it easy to attach a hose or other accessory, in this case, the washing machine.

Another factor to consider when using your bathroom water supply for your washer is that the inlet hose of the machine must be compatible with the faucet itself. If your faucet isn’t compatible with the washing machine’s inlet hose, you might need to acquire a thread connector. 

3 things to consider before installing your washer in the bathroom

Before you get started on installing your washing machine in the bathroom, there are a couple of factors you have to consider. Below, we will go over our top three tips when completing this task.

1. Measure and determine where you’re going to install the washer

Before installing your washing machine, determine where to place it in your bathroom; depending on your bathroom and washing machine size, you can put them underneath the sink or a countertop. The standard measurement for a washing machine is 27 by 47 inches.

2. Eliminate accessories for extra bathroom space

If you are limited in space for your bathroom but want to install a washing machine, try to eliminate accessories or decorations that you are able to store in another room. Removing unnecessary accents, furniture, or other accessories allows you to free up more space for your washing machine. 

3. Hide your washing machine 

Your washer can fit anywhere in your bathroom if you have space for it. Of course, if you are looking for another way to conceal them, depending on where you install it, you can place a curtain or other accents.

Where should you drain the washing machine’s water?

The typical place to drain the washing machine water is in the shower drain. Still, you can drain the water by either hooking the inlet hose to the edge of the bathroom sink, installing it on its drain pipe branch, or drain standpipe if your bathroom already has one installed.


So, to review, can you put a washing machine in the bathroom? Fortunately, you can, but you have to ensure that it fits and has enough space for it. Also, please be cautious to avoid potential damage to your washing machine. It’s best to seek professional help. 

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