eufy RoboVac Side Brush Not Spinning? (Solved)

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To ensure that edges and corners of an area are properly vacuumed, an eufy RoboVac is equipped with 2 side brushes. The side brush is also known as a corner brush, a spinner or an edge brush.

These brushes rotate so that the dirt is swept towards the suction mouth of the robot vacuum. However, sometimes the side brushes of a eufy RoboVac can stop spinning. Here’s why:

eufy RoboVac side brushes stop spinning if dirt has accumulated beneath them, or the bristles have become bent. Remove the side brushes and clean the housing. You can also reshape the bristles back into their original shape. If the side brushes do not spin after this, replace the side brush motors.

When the eufy RoboVac side brushes no longer rotate, dust and dirt would no longer properly get vacuumed along the edges. Time to fix this problem ASAP and restore your eufy RoboVac.

Before you do anything

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to give the side brushes a regular clean. Here’s what you need to do to clean the side brushes and restore the bristles back into their original shape:

  • Remove the first side brush by pulling it from the eufy RoboVac.
  • Carefully unwind and pull off any hair or string that is wrapped around the side brush.
  • Use a cloth dampened with warm water to remove dust from the bristles of the side brush.
  • Take this opportunity to reshape the bristles if they have become bent.
  • Replace the side brush on the robot by pressing it down to the eufy RoboVac.
  • Remove the second side brush and repeat the process.
  • Finally replace both side brushes back into the eufy RoboVac.
  • It is recommended to clean the eufy RoboVac, including the side brushes, on a regular basis to keep the robot vacuum working well. If you have pets, you may need to clean the side brushes more frequently.

    Why do the eufy RoboVac side brushes stop spinning?

    eufy RoboVac side brushes are not spinning because the soft bristles have become bent, there is an accumulation of dust, dirt, and hair beneath each housing, or the side brush motors are no longer working.

    1. The soft bristles are bent

    eufy RoboVac side brushes are equipped with super soft bristles that rotate whenever the robot goes on a cleaning run. However, because the bristles are so soft, they can become bent over time.

    Whenever the bristles become bent, the side brush may have trouble spinning properly. The bristles can get caught on the floor or on an object that is on the eufy RoboVac’s cleaning path.

    There’s nothing wrong with the bristles becoming bent. It’s natural and will happen over time. What you can do is to remove the side brushes and restore the bristles back to their original shape. If the bristles are too crooked, do yourself a favor and buy new eufy replacement side brushes.

    neutop Side Brush Compatible with...
    • What's In The Box: 12 x Side Brushes.
    • The Replacement Parts are Compatible with eufy RoboVac 11S, 15T, 30, 30C, 15C, 12, 25C, 35C, 11S Max, 15C Max, 30C Max, G10, G15, G20, G30, G30 Edge, G30...
    • To keep your Robot Vacuum running at peak performance, Please maintain the side brush once per week( twice per week in homes with pets) and replace it...

    I love eufy RoboVac side brushes because they snap into place for a quick and easy replacement, no tools required. Other brands of robot vacuums require a screwdriver for maintenance.

    2. Dust and dirt underneath the side brushes

    Side brushes are housed beneath the eufy RoboVac. As the robot does its job and gathers debris from your house, small particles of dust, dirt, including strands of hair, can find their way underneath the side brushes. 

    Once the housing of the side brushes are packed with dust, dirt, and hair, the eufy RoboVac side brushes won’t rotate properly. You will need to remove the side brushes and clean the each housing.

    To do this, remove the first side brush from the eufy RoboVac. Pick up anything you see from underneath the side brush. Chances are, it is loaded with dirt. Replace the side brush and repeat on the second side brush. Make sure both side brushes are installed properly, otherwise they won’t spin.

    3. Side brush motor no longer working

    Last but not least, your eufy RoboVac side brushes are not spinning due to the motors. Each side brush is able to spin thanks to a motor that powers it (underneath the casing). Once this motor is too old, damaged, or filled up with gunk on the inside, it won’t work. As a result, the side brush does not spin.

    If this is the case, your best bet is to replace the side brush motor. Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy. All you need to do is to buy the replacement side brush motor and read this simple guide.

    I don’t recommend tinkering with the current side brush motor and opening it up. Worse, you can cause more damage than you intended. It would be more convenient to buy a new motor because it is cheap.

    Key takeaways

    And there you have it, the complete solution to why the eufy RoboVac side brush not spinning. Make sure there is no accumulation of dust and hair underneath each side brush, and be sure to keep the bristles straight, not bent. If the side brushes still do not spin, replace the side brush motors.

    However, if you are ever in doubt, contact the eufy customer service, especially if your robot vacuum is still under warranty. They would be more than happy to help and figure out the solution with you.

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