Can You Put Cleaning Solution in Robot Mop? All Models Answered

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Most robot mops can work with just water. And since a robot mop has many components inside and needs proper care, it begs the question, can you put a cleaning solution in a robot mop?

You should not add anything extra to your robot mop, unless stated otherwise. You should add only water to a robot mop's tank, unless the directions tell you to add a cleaning solution approved by your robot mop’s manufacturer. Straying from the directions can damage the internal components of your robot mop.

No matter which robot mop you have, we will show you what you can and cannot do in terms of adding a cleaning solution or water. By the end of this post, you should be able to maximize your robot mop.

Cleaning Solution or Water: What to Put Inside Robot Mops

Three of the most popular robot mops are the Braava Jet, Roborock, and Deebot. Some robot mops use only water to mop while some work with a specific cleaning solution approved by their manufacturer.

For robot mops that use water only, like the Roborock and Deebot, you should not add a cleaning solution and use water only. For robot mops that require a cleaning solution, like the Braava Jet, use only the recommended cleaning solution approved by their manufacturer.

Let's explore whether or not you can put cleaning solution in robot mops, including “safe tips” should you want to add something extra that just water:

1. Can you put cleaning solution in a Braava Jet?

You can put cleaning solution in a Braava Jet. iRobot recommends using the Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaner that is compatible with all Braava robot mops.

According to iRobot, only the Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaner, Bona Floor Cleaner, and Clorox Ready Mop are approved for use with the Braava Jet robot mop.

Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

We personally use both the Braava Jet Cleaner and Bona, and both work very well. Anything soapy, waxy, or harsh (like bleach or ammonia) are not recommended.

For the best results, remove the tank cap and add 6 caps of the Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution, then fill to the top with warm water. Alternatively, you can fill the tank with only water.

Be sure to use the recommended amount of cleaning solution as stated in the directions. Otherwise, your Braava Jet robot mop may leave streaks on the floor.

2. Can you put cleaning solution in Roborock?

You should not add any cleaning solution to the Roborock’s tank -- only water.

Roborock does not recommend adding any cleaning solution into the water tank as bubbles created by the cleaning solution may block the robot’s filter, hindering water to go through. Should you choose to add a cleaning solution inside the Roborock’s water tank, do so at your own risk.

If you want to use a cleaning solution, we recommend spraying it only on the mop pads or directly onto the floor. Unlike many robot mops, Roborock also includes filters for the water tank.

Using cleaning solutions could create a residue over time and block the filter used to let the water through.

Another smart tip is to spray white vinegar on stubborn marks on the floor before sending Roborock for a cleaning run. Allow the vinegar to soak in for a few minutes, and the dirt marks should come right off once the Roborock mops it up with just water in the tank. It works well for us and the muddy paw prints anyway.

3. Can you put cleaning solution in Deebot?

You should not add any cleaning solution to the Deebot’s tank -- only water.

According to Ecovacs, you should use only water and not put any washer fluid or cleaning solution in the water tank of a Deebot because it can eventually gum up the water-emitting nozzles.

The Deebot works similarly to a Roborock and uses only water to mop. While some may think that it’s not as effective as adding a cleaning solution, the Deebot works great in mopping up floors.

If you want to get rid of stubborn dirt marks, try using a little bit of white vinegar mixed with water. You can add it directly to the water tank or onto the floor directly. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer and mild disinfectant, so it should not block the robot’s filter.

Smart Tips to Maximize Robot Mops

In addition to using the correct cleaning solution, it’s best to disinfect your floors separately from a robot mop. Here are the 2 tips to maximize your robot mop explained in greater detail:

1. Follow the robot mop’s directions

While it’s tempting to add a little bit of cleaning solution inside your robot mop’s tank, it has the potential of causing damage to your machine in the long run.

For robot mops that use water only, a cleaning solution can build up inside and clog the filters.

On the other hand, using a cleaning solution that is not recommended by the manufacturers can damage the internal components of your robot mop.

To prolong the lifespan of your robot mop, it’s best to follow the instructions. If it uses water only, fill the tank with water only. If your robot mop requires a specific cleaning solution, use the correct one.

2. Disinfect your floors separately

Most robot mops in the market today work with nothing but water only. Water is a universal solvent and does not leave behind any residue that may clog the robot’s filter. Combined with a mop pad, water is enough to clean most spills and stains from the floor.

Unfortunately, water does not have any disinfectant properties. Often, harsh chemicals are needed to eliminate bacteria and viruses on the floors of your home.

While some advanced robot mops, like the Braava Jet, come with specific cleaning solutions to clean and disinfect at the same time, the best way to clean your floors is to do it separately from your robot mop.

Let the robot clear debris from your floors, and then go over the floor with a disinfectant spray afterward.

It’s not effective to disinfect your floors before using a robot mop because the chemicals may affect the performance of a robot mop. Sometimes, the best way to deep-clean and disinfect an area is to do it yourself.