Can You Use Fabuloso For Laundry? (Important)

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According to Fabuloso’s website, Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner with a multi-action formula that can be used to clean most hard surfaces. It removes lime scale, cuts through grease, and helps remove stains.

The multi-purpose cleaner can be used for just about any hard surface in just about any room, including the floors, walls, bathroom, and the living room of your home because it has a neutral pH.

Due to its fragrant smell, many people have tried incorporating the product into their laundry. The main goal is to disinfect their clothes while making them smell like Fabuloso. But is it actually safe to do? 

Can you use Fabuloso in laundry?

It's not recommended to use Fabuloso in your laundry, either as a detergent or a detergent booster. According to Fabuloso, its products should not be heated and are meant for household cleaning purposes only.

The hot water setting in most washers can get as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4 Celsius), sometimes higher. If you have a washer with a steam cycle, that will increase the temperature in each load. While you won’t use hot water for every load, you don’t want to risk heating up Fabuloso inside the washing machine.

Fabuloso is a product strong enough to clean toilets. Not only is it harsh on fabric, but it won’t be good to expose Fabuloso on your skin. Spend a few dollars and buy a proper laundry booster that's actually made for laundry and the washing machine, if you actually want the boost.

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1. Fabuloso has a strong smell

Fabuloso has a very pleasant but very powerful smell. TOO STRONG for general clothing. While you can add a small amount along with your detergent, Fabuloso is really not intended for use as a detergent booster.

I had the experience of smelling the laundry of a friend of mine who washed her clothes with Fabuloso. The smell was so strong that it became hard for me to breathe. If you are someone who is sensitive to strong smells, don’t use Fabuloso as laundry detergent. You won’t be able to stand it.

2. Fabuloso may cause irritation

Fabuloso is designed for cleaning hard surfaces. If you use it in laundry, it may cause irritation on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Try to use products that are compatible with what you are trying to clean. Instead of Fabuloso, use a laundry booster that is safe for the fabric and your body too.

Can you use Fabuloso as laundry detergent?

Do not use Fabuloso as laundry detergent. It can ruin delicate fabric. Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner with the ability to clean most hard surfaces, remove lime scale, and cut through grease.

While it can remove stains from stained clothes, it can ruin the delicate fabric easily. Remember, Fabuloso is meant to be used for household cleaning purposes. Why would you want to use it as a detergent?

If you are in a pinch, or you are out of laundry detergent, go to the kitchen and reach for vinegar instead. White vinegar has the gentle cleansing, whitening, and softening effects on both light and dark loads. Use vinegar until you have the time to go to the supermarket and restock on detergent.

Can Fabuloso be used on fabric?

While you shouldn’t use Fabuloso as a laundry detergent, you can use it to spot treat stains on fabric. Add ⅛ cup of Fabuloso in a spray bottle full of water. Spray some of the Fabuloso spray solution on the stain, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and blot the stain out with a cloth before laundering.

Just be sure that the garment is stain-remover safe. Because Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaner, you can use it creatively in lots of scenarios, including removing stains from fabric.

Bottom line

Now you know whether you can use Fabuloso for laundry or not. You should not use Fabuloso as a detergent or detergent booster. It is a household cleaning product that is meant to clean hard surfaces, not delicate fabric. Not only do you run the risk of damaging your clothes, but it is not good for your health.

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