Best Toilet Paper Holder for Large and MEGA Rolls

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Short on time? Here’s the best toilet paper holder for MEGA rolls:

So you’re looking for the best toilet paper holder for large and mega rolls? You’re in the right place.

The best toilet paper for mega rolls is the mDesign Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder. It is simple and holds up to 3 mega rolls at a time. It’s also made with durable steel and is rust-resistant.

In the mid-1900s, toilet paper was much smaller and often recessed on ceramic tile walls. But today, toilet paper rolls are getting bigger and larger to the point where they annoy many consumers.

For some reason, almost every store only sells “Mega Rolls” now. But the problem is that standard toilet paper holders are not getting any bigger. In fact, they are some of the most difficult things to find.

So, if you are frustrated because you’re constantly trying to fit JUMBO rolls in your existing toilet paper holder, you’re in luck. In this article, we share with you three of the best toilet paper holders for large and MEGA rolls.

Here are the top three products:

Comparison Table

mDesign Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Teravan Extender for Extra Large Toilet Paper

Best Toilet Paper Holder for Mega Rolls Reviews:

When it comes to holding large rolls, there are two types of TP holders that fit the bill: free-standing holders and extenders. The former stands on its own and needs no assembly, while the latter is recessed to a wall.

1. mDesign Decorative Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The best toilet paper holder for mega rolls is the mDesign Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder.

It’s simple; it stands on its own and holds large toilet paper very well. Not only is it easy to move anywhere in the bathroom, but this mega roll toilet paper holder is perfect for bathrooms with no wall mount fixtures.

It is thoughtfully designed and measures about 7 inches in diameter and 14.5 inches high, so it can hold 3 rolls of extra large toilet paper. The open top allows you to grab a roll of toilet paper quickly and easily.

The mDesign toilet paper holder is also very durable, thanks to the strong steel wire and rust-resistant finish. This subtle yet important feature will help make this toilet paper holder last long. 

Another important detail about this jumbo toilet paper holder is the raised base.

It is free-standing and elevated from the ground, so it keeps toilet paper clean and dry. While it’s subtle, this small detail is very useful, especially for bathrooms.

And with 6 colors to choose from (Bronze, Graphite, Light Gray, Rose Gold, Satin, and Soft Brass), you can find the perfect color to match the interior design of your bathroom. Overall, it’s very well-designed.

In our opinion, the mDesign Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder is the best for mega rolls because it’s simple, it’s durable, and it serves the purpose of holding large toilet paper with no assembly required.

SIDE NOTE: If you don’t like the circular shape, mDesign has the same product that comes with a square shape. It comes in three colors (Bronze, Chrome, and Satin), so you can choose which one you like.

2. TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Coming in at a close second is the TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand. 

While the previous product is simple, this one adds more storage capacity by providing a space at the top to dispense one roll of toilet paper. This holder can store 3 mega rolls and dispense 1 roll at a time.

It also has a top shelf that adds extra storage space for small items like a cell phone or baby wipes. The top shelf is useful for protecting objects from falling while you do your business in the bathroom. 

It’s also free-standing, so not only does it save more space, but you can easily move it around anywhere you like. It’s perfect for condos, apartments, campers, and cabins as you don’t need to mount it on a wall.

Another unique feature that stands out the most is the weighted base. Instead of three legs, it has four, so it’s more stable than other free-standing toilet paper holders out there. It will not fall over easily.

This TP holder comes in two colors: Bronze and Light Gray. Whichever you choose, it’s a sleek addition to any bathroom, as it complements any décor. The material is also rustproof and doesn’t peel nor scratch easily.

All in all, the TreeLen Stand is another amazing option and is one of the best toilet paper holders for mega rolls. It can be an amazing addition to any bathroom because of its generous storage space and sturdy frame.

3. Teravan Extender for Extra Large Toilet Paper

Last but not least, the Teravan Extender completes our oversized TP holder list.

If you are looking for a wall-mounted toilet paper holder for large rolls, then buy the Teravan Extender. Nowadays, oversized toilet paper rolls just don’t fit most bathroom fixtures anymore, but this extender can.

It’s cheap and easy to replace your current holder spindle with the Teravan Extender. You don’t need to replace your existing bathroom fixtures because this extender fits almost all toilet paper adapters discreetly.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, The Teravan Extender is sturdy and durable enough to last a long time. It is made with top-quality ABS plastic material, ensuring its longevity, unlike cheaper products.

The design is also patented. Its steeped end will fit almost all fixture holes, even ones that are as small as 0.0270 inches. This is what makes the Teravan Extender so versatile.

You can choose between black, silver, or white. The simple and minimalistic design means that this toilet paper holder extender will seamlessly fit the look of your bathroom, no matter the design.

So if you want a wall-mounted toilet paper holder for large rolls, the Teravan Extender is the best option.

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Final Verdict

And there you have it, three of the best toilet paper holders for large and mega rolls.

Not all toilet paper holders can accommodate jumbo rolls, so finding a product that fits big ones promotes more convenience in the bathroom, anywhere that may be. 

So to summarize, a free-standing toilet paper holder is optimal. Based on our research, the best toilet paper holder for mega rolls is this free-standing holder from mDesign. It’s simple and gets the job done.